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It's easy to get started with the 3Gear DevKit.

Due to shortages of the PrimeSense Carmine 1.09, we are now shipping Asus Xtion Pros with our development kit instead.

Our development kit includes everything you need to get started. It consists of the Asus Xtion Pro, a stand and the 3Gear SDK. Installation is a breeze on both Mac and Windows.

While we continue to support the Kinect and legacy camera setups for the time being, they are more difficult to setup and less accurate than the hardware included with our DevKit.

Our development kit includes easy-to-setup hardware you can order today.

Video: Add gestures to your applications

System Requirements

You'll need a fairly recent PC to run our software.

Send us feedback if you want our software on another operating system.

Develop with C++, C#, Java

Our software development kit takes the raw 3D data from the camera and turns it into usable information on the state of the hands. We provide a simple API based on pointing and pinching as well as a lower-level API that provides approximate joint angles. Find more details in the user guide. Our protocol is open, and APIs are available in C++, C#, and Java, with Python on the way.


For individuals (personal use) and small commercial entities, we offer a free commercial license. For academics, it's free as well. For larger commercial entities, check out our licensing policy, or contact

We'll send you a 60-day evaluation license automatically with your DevKit order.

Get the 3Gear DevKit